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Updated: May 6, 2020

NAWIC NCR/DELL Trchnology Partnership

Must Knows, Tips for Working Remotely

With businesses having to adjust to deploying their employees remotely, all while keeping their business running at full capacity, there is no time to guess what technology solutions are the best fit for home use. Dell Technologies goal is to provide your business with the best hardware & software solutions to make this transition to remote working as easy as possible. Find these helpful tips below:

Learn Your Working Style

During this transition, everyone will discover they have a new preferred working style while being remote. Some prefer to be out in the open, in all the action of the house. Some may prefer to be behind the door of a quiet office. It is important to find your preferred style and stick to it.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Once you know your preferred working style, the next best step is to create a dedicated workspace. The goal is to re-create your office workspace at home with a few simple Dell accessories. The introduction of a docking station, external monitor and wireless mouse & keyboard combo to your laptop can continue driving your productivity from home.

Continue Communication Face-to-Face

Now more than ever, communication is incredibly important. Stay connected with your colleagues & employees virtually through video conferencing. Dell can provide you with the needed accessories such as a Logitech Webcam & Headset Combo, and host your weekly meetings, trainings or webinars with ease.

Ensure You’re Secure

Lastly, but most importantly- make sure your new Work-from-Home set up is secure. Dell Technologies recommends a multi-layer approach to ensure your business is fully secure. Not only is it best to have a virus protection plan locally on each end user system, Dell also recommends Small Businesses to invest in a Firewall to ensure your entire network is protected from outside threats. This multi-layer approach will help your remote employees be protected from inside & outside threats and help keep your data secure.

To access these new Dell Technologies partner benefits, or get in touch with a Small Business Advisor to discuss your Work-from-Home solutions reach out to Megan Wright, NAWIC’s dedicated Account Executive at

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