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Who say's Safety isn't Fun?

Updated: May 20, 2020

I told Rita this month I wanted to share something funny. Normally, there isn’t much that’s funny about safety, but I think I’ve found something you may find humorous. As a new safety representative for my company, I was asked to be trained to teach OSHA classes. OSHA10/30) I remember traveling to the National Safety Council in Itasca, Illinois with my manager in his company vehicle. (I was pretty jealous of him and lusted after having a job like his which would afford me a company truck…little did I know then!) The class we sat through was taught by Frank Berg – a professional engineer (PE) who is also a certified safety professional (CSP). Those are some lofty initials after one’s name – so you know where I’m headed with this.

Everyone should know that persons who select a career in safety are a little odd (take me for example) – so are engineers. (JMO) Put the two together, and you have Frank. He’s a quirky man with an unusual and memorable way of teaching.

To say the class was entertaining and educational would be an understatement. After four and a half days with Mr. Berg and several other safety professionals, we were all ready to pick up our certificates of completion and get on the road home. Frank had another idea. Before we were able to leave, we had to all join in and sing his “Safetyman” song. (by the way, Berg’s company is Accident Prevention Corporation and you can find APC at, and he wrote this himself) Enjoy the following – from the first person I ever called Safetyman - have a chuckle on me, and let’s give thanks to all our safety heroes.

Safetyman Here I Am

Out of the night when the full moon is bright comes a hero known as Safetyman.

He’s bold and he’s brave. Your life he will save. He’s a hero known as Safetyman.

If your guardrails aren’t right, ‘cause they’re not the right height, call a hero known as Safetyman. If it’s fire you fear and you need turnout gear, call a hero known as Safetyman.

He’s bold and he’s brave. Your life he will safe. He’s a hero known as Safetyman.

If you think you might fall, there’s a man you should call. He’s a hero known as Safetyman.

There’s a trench to be shored and concrete forms to be poured.

Call a hero known as Safetyman.

We are all bold and brave. There are lives to be saved. WE are heroes known as Safetyman.

Here I AMMMMMMM!!! I’m SAFETYMAN!!!! (copyright – Accident Prevention Corporation)

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.


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