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Understanding the Spread of Coronavirus (and every other viral germ)

Welcome everyone to this new tool as part of NAWIC North Central Region’s communication blog. I’ll be sharing information every couple weeks or so on safety topics that people are tackling in their day to day activities at work and home.


Super simple – non-scientific explanation: The spread of the virus is minimized without a host (us). Think of the spread of the virus like playing a game of pinball. The virus is the ball we strike with the plunger, we (humans) are the flippers, cradles, and other bells, buzzers and noises when the ball strikes or lands on them. The game’s (virus’) goal is to strike the flippers, land in the cradles and strike the sides and other interferences that keep the ball in play to increase points (victims).

If the ball is the virus, every time it strikes the flippers and cradles (us), it can cause us (the host) to become infected as it multiplies by feeding on protein and nutrients from our cells when we inhale or touch contaminated surfaces. We in turn become multipliers of the virus.

If we self-isolate and practice social distancing, the ball (virus) strikes the top of the game board and drops to the bottom – no points = no contamination.

If you ever have any safety-related questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll try and help you however I can.

Kathi Dobson – Safety Director

Alberici Constructors

NAWIC Detroit Chapter 183

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